Miss Voluptuous UK Terms and Conditions


Conduct Requirements


As a representative of the Miss Voluptuous UK Pageant, all Applicants agree to the following guidelines for conduct during participation. Breach of the following requirements results in disqualification of participating in the pageant.

1. I will NOT participate in harmful, malicious, inflammatory, defaming or slanderous speech towards the Miss Voluptuous Organisation, Pink Lemonade Productions, or any staff member, or sponsor, whether it be oral, written, or otherwise conveyed during my participation or reign and during as well as after the pageant.

2. I will NOT consume and/or use alcohol and/or illegal drugs while participating in any function or event from the beginning until the end of the reign while representing the Pageant. Doing so will result in automatic relinquishment of my title, Crown and Sash and dismissal from the pageant.

3. I will NOT represent the Miss Voluptuous UK Pageant by wearing my crown and/or Sash to any event that compromises the integrity of the Miss Voluptuous Organisation.

4. I will remember that my FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter content, as well as any other internet website(s) or web page(s), is considered a reflection on me as a delegate and the Miss Voluptuous Organisation. I will remember that I am a role model and that posting content online that may be construed as negative. All sexually suggestive photos and verbally explicit comments must be removed during my involvement or local reign. Examples of such material include but are not limited to:

ü 'Selfies' of delegate in undergarments - (tasteful professional photographs require approval from the Miss Voluptuous Pageants President.)

- Photos of delegates that place emphasis on or expose all or part of any intimate areas.

- Text which is insulting to an individual or group of individuals.

- Text which contains foul language, explicit and/or inflammatory comments.

Also, I agree to comply with any request, which may be made by the Miss Voluptuous Organisation, Pink Lemonade Productions, 17Media or any other organisation partner or affiliate, and to immediately remove any material which any of the above named organisations may deem inappropriate or unbecoming. The Miss Voluptuous Organisation, Pink Lemonade Productions and 17Media reserve sole discretion in these matters.

5. I understand that the Miss Voluptuous Organisation is a family organisation and I am a member of that family; keeping this in mind I will NOT participate in harmful, malicious or slanderous speech or gossip, written or spoken, toward the Miss Voluptuous Pageant organisation, fellow delegates and/or agents of the Miss Voluptuous Pageants Organisation.

6. I understand that my title is the property of the Miss Voluptuous Pageants Organisation and may not register any document, email address, website name, webpage name, forum registration or other publicly viewed or accessible print, video or other media without complying with the following criteria;

a)For an email or website I will include a year designation of at least 2 digits such as MissVoluptuousUK18@mymailserver.com

b) I will make the UK director an admin with full administrative privileges for my Social Media Fan Page, should I be selected to hold title.

c) I agree that the Director’s / Judges’ decision is final.

7. Event Disclaimer a) I understand that all personal belongings are left in unlocked areas are done so at the delegate’s own risk and that the event venue, and Miss Voluptuous Organisation accept no responsibility for loss, theft or damage b) I understand that by paying my deposit I am agreeing to release the Miss Voluptuous Organisation, it’s parent and partner organisations of all liability, costs and damage which may arise during participation in the above named event or activity.
c) I understand that participation in the above event may include tasks which could be deemed hazardous to participants. I agree to assume any risk of harm or injury which might occur to the participants due to my participation in the event or activities. I release the Miss Voluptuous Organisation and all of its affiliates from any liability, cost and damages which might arise from participating in the above event or activity.

d) I agree to follow proper procedure and familiarise myself with the venue’s fire safety and evacuation plan.

8. Titleholder Requirements

a) As a National titleholder I will make at least two appearances per month, with one of these being a live and public appearance.

b) I understand that as a National Titleholder I will be responsible for supporting and encouraging the incoming finalists and will be expected to post regularly in the finalist group.

c) I understand that as a National Titleholder I will be required to post photo updates, share posts on social media, and actively recruit incoming finalists.

d) I understand that as a National Titleholder I will need to travel outside of my local area to attend events and promote the Miss Voluptuous Organisation. I understand that I have permission to seek sponsorship and endorsement opportunities to support me during my reign, and that these must be approved by my National Director before any contracts are made.

e) I will not apply for any other pageant systems during my reign. I understand that I hold title exclusively for Miss Voluptuous UK.

f) I understand that as a National Titleholder I am required to be present at the 2020 pageant to hand over my title.

g) I understand that failure to fulfil my duties as a National titleholder may result in forfeit of my title and / or prizes. I understand that my Crown and Sash are a part of these prizes.


9. Images and filming consent

I hereby consent to Miss Voluptuous Pageants and any partner organisations, affiliates or nominated production companies using images of myself in video recordings, and/or photographs, taken/recorded by any of the above organisations.

I consent to them being used for marketing and publicity related purposes and to their use in other publications. I understand that they may be published or broadcast on social media channels, national and international television or on the Miss Voluptuous Pageants website, other websites or elsewhere. 

I understand that:

a)My images will be held in accordance with the GDPR guidelines (the General Data Protection Regulation);

b)The images of myself captured in the video recordings and/or photographs will be the copyright of Miss Voluptuous Pageants and any partner organisations, affiliates or nominated production companies, and any other intellectual property which arises in the photographs/recordings will also belong to the above.

c)I hereby agree to irrevocably assign all property rights in my photographs and/or recordings to Miss Voluptuous Pageants and any partner organisations, affiliates or nominated production companies.

d)I hereby agree to waive all rights in my performance in any shows and/or recordings to Miss Voluptuous Pageants and any partner organisations, affiliates or nominated production companies.

e)I agree that I will not discuss any production projects with any individual outside of the Miss Voluptuous Pageants and/or any partner organisations, affiliates or nominated production companies.

f)I understand that I may be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement in the event that any filming takes place. 


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