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Amanda's Story - My Pageant Journey

Several years ago my young daughter informed me she wanted to take part in pageants and if I'm honest as a Mum I was extremely concerned about this. 

She informed me that she wanted take part because it would help with her stage presence and as she danced it would help her to become more confident. How can you argue with that?

In her 1st pageant she did very well, and very soon was entering quite a few different pageants. It didn't take long before we decided she needed a pageant coach to help with her walk and interview techniques and we met a woman who has become a very positive role model in our lives.

The influence of this amazing woman encouraged me to enter a pageant and off to Blackpool I went. Although I didn't win I did have a wonderful time and actually really enjoyed my experience.

I entered a few charity pageants but one year, I entered a national pageant called Catwalk Perfect UK and was astonished to win the Ms title!

I wanted to show my amazing daughter and others that beauty is not height, size, age, ability/disability, length of hair, colour of skin etc; beauty is about confidence, love, charity and so much more. Anything that's worth doing needs to be worked for, education is important and a positive attitude is always needed ( sometimes easier said then done!). 

Entering a pageant to me is a commitment, it has be a system that you can work for and meets your requirements, and for me Miss Voluptuous Pageants is that system!

I'm looking forward to continuing to achieve amazing things and making a difference!


Amanda x

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