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Finding Kimberly

Hi my name is Kimberly, I’m a finalist for Miss Voluptuous Pageants 2019 and I want to represent Kent. 

I was married at  age 19 yrs.  

I am a survivor of many years of emotional , physical and mental abuse. When I walked away after over 15 years I went to college to make something of my self, but I didn’t know this would lead to me doing well enough to achieve a diploma in counselling and to then go on to uni, where I graduated with a third degree with honours for Psychology and Counselling. 

I'm a mother of three children; I am so proud of them all and they are the reason I  have kept fighting for years. I’m a very proud Nan and love all my grandchildren to bits. 

I have a thoughtful and kind fiancé who treats me well. It has taken me a while to meet the right person but I have and he supports me through this.  Since graduating I suffered ill health with Fibromyalgia - this made me suffer a lot both emotionally and physically. 

I volunteer as an independent case  worker with clients or on helpline and I am so passionate to be able to support and help victims of Domestic abuse and make a difference to families’ as sufferer of Fibromyalgia. I want to raise more awareness to people regarding this degenerative disease that is unpredictable.

I never thought something like this could happen to me; being in a competition

having been put down for so long... looks, weight, as person in general. 

I have the chance to do something always wanted to and raise money for Domestic Abuse services and awareness of Fibromyalgia and meet new people. I want to give back to others that have helped me through the years. 

The ladies I’ve spoken to and met so far have been so welcoming and helpful to me 

I am going to give this everything I have - fundraising, volunteering and supporting my fellow ladies of Miss Voluptuous Pageants.

Kimberly x

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