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From Medic to Marathon

My story starts in Evesham in October 1973 so that makes me 44 (or ancient as my youngest would say!) and even from a young age I've always been hardworking. I always strive to be a positive role model; especially for my two boys.

I've a keen interest in anything medical and was in St John's Ambulance for many years helping out at events, unit nights and later becoming a Divisional Superintendent until the unit closed 5 years ago. Now I'm a friend of fast aid and also training to be a community First Responder with West Midlands Ambulance service.

I always said I'd never do a pageant; I felt I was always a plain Jayne and not what judges were looking for but my confidence took a huge nose dive when I turned 40 and I decided to challenge myself. I looked up pageants and one really stood out to me, so I applied and I was accepted! Last December I took part in Miss Sensational Charity Pageant and came away with directors choice award- you'd have thought I'd won the lottery!

As a well known snack's tag line goes - once you start you can't stop, so came along Miss Voluptuous UK. The system stood out to me; I knew I wanted to be a part of it because not only does it give me a sense of belonging, the support from Natalie (Director), the Miss Voluptuous team and all the other finalists, or pageant Sisters as we're known, is nothing I've experienced before. I finally feel valued as as Clare in my own rights and not just a wife of 17 years and a Mum.

Miss Voluptuous allows us to share awareness of our platforms for our voices to be heard.

My youngest has complex special needs and Epilepsy which is also by platform for the Pageant.

Epilepsy is where the signals in the brain basically overloads; this is important to me as he was diagnosed in 2008 at the age of 4 after being found under the dining room table making grunting noises and eyes rolling. A visit to hospital and they said febrile convulsion but early next day we were back and he had multiple seizures and we were told that he had to be sedated or we would lose him. Even though I'm trained to deal with seizures seeing someone you love having a seizure is so scary.

I'm raising awareness for those who are newly diagnosed, to give first aid training on what to do if someone is having a seizure and with the support of Epilepsy Action to set up a support group in my area. I'm doing all of this along side five 5k fundraising runs  (Ok, wobbles but running sounds better! )

Here's an announcement...I've been accepted into the ballot for the London marathon 2019! I find out in October if I'm successful - now that's a challenge.


Class of 2018

Clare Worton

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