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Glitter, Gloss and Growth

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

It's coming up for three years since Miss Voluptuous Pageants began, with humble beginnings - I was just one woman with a vision. I could never have imagined the growth the pageant would achieve in that time.

From crowning one Queen in 2017, to two in 2018 and now heading towards crowning FOUR in 2019, we are aiming for the stars and hitting our target every time!

We started adding to our contestant experience by introducing confidence building workshops, mindset coaching and a contestant only website full of insider information; now we've added free-to-attend information sessions before finals, a contestant only interactive forum, contestant swag bags and much more to enhance contestant experience.

We're actively guiding our contestants through the pageant experience, encouraging them to grow in confidence and equipping them with valuable skills that they can carry forwards and utilise in any aspect of their lives.

We're hugely grateful for all of the support we've received over the past three years and are looking forward to pushing forwards and moving upwards! From partnering with other incredible brands that share our vision, to securing incredible experiences for our prize pool, we are actively seeking to make our contestants' time with us the best EVER.

Watch this space!



Miss Voluptuous Pageants

Miss Voluptuous
Our Queens Katie and Lauren recently shot with the incredible Charlotte Clemie

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