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Greece Lightning - Anthi

When I firstly competed for Miss Voluptuous in 2018, I did not expect to actually get so passionate about pageants.

In retrospect and thinking how nice was a weekend full of activities and fun with my fellow pageant girls, I did decide to give it another go. The actual day of competing it is not stressful in the meaning of uncontrollable stress - more overwhelming different emotions. The fact that we put ourselves out in public and in front of judges can be considered a high vibe emotion especially for an introvert.

To be honest that whole day passed and has left warm feelings in my heart. I enjoyed it in whole.

But coming back this year I really have fallen in love with that period of preparing myself for the big day.

Taking into consideration that we have the introduction part on pageant day, the interview, the eco, fun fashion and evening wear I can say they are a lot and we have to almost split ourselves  but it’s a great way to see your attributes and organisation skills, as well.

I love spending my time fundraising for causes close to my heart, helping fellow pageant girls in my system or others to fund raise for their causes. Taking action to make the world a better place even if I just contribute a minute every day.

Organising my thoughts and get to know different things that happen in the world, not only will keep me focused for interview but in the end of the way would have broaden my horizons.

I am already in the fun planning mode of creating outfits for the different stages of competition. I concluded what my eco will be about and have started collecting from friends to create my outfit. As a fashion designer in my profession, I took a lot of sketching and re-selecting for the fun fashion and evening gown (definitely have a mini collection created there if I put them all together!).

I won’t give you many details on my outfits yet as it will spoil the surprise on the actual pageant day but you never know - I might come back with some sneak pics of my preparation!

As you can clearly see I love that buzz of preparation part of the competition as it makes me grow as a person but I take a minute to urge you to follow every girls journey here in our platform of Miss Voluptuous but also on their individual ones.

I'm honoured to be part of a group of incredible women with amazing values and causes.

Anthi xx

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