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Lauren - End of Year Round Up!

What an incredible start to my year as your Miss Voluptuous UK Ambassador 2018/19.

My first appearance was at Lego land, and although it's plastic, even this big multi-national business has started to develop plant based Lego.

I have travelled to London with my sister Queen Katie to appear on loose women in the audience, and then there was travelling up to watch the YEMI pageant as part of my winner’s package.

I met up with some of the Miss Voluptuous Class of 2019 at Hype Park Winter Wonderland - we had an incredible time, especially as I brought along my photography sponsor and had a photoshoot around the park!

I have had photo shoots using the jewellery I won from BlingBling and wearing my beautiful dress from Apples and Pears who sponsored the opening number this year. I've also been on a hunt location shoot as well as a shoot after a beach clean.

I have already travelled 828 miles with my title, and I'm looking forward to more in the next couple of months; I've not even included miles I have done on my island, for beach and community cleans!

In December I did my 12 days of Christmas countdown and posted photos where I could; I wanted to make a difference to my community and those who needed it the most. Now Now Christmas is out of the way, I'm working on my trash fashion clothing, and as January closes my next Open University modules starts.

With us leaving 2018 behind, I can say I am leaving this year on a high. Showing that when you have focus, goals and a positive mind set you are able to achieve your goals and dreams.

Everyone that knows my journey understands I put everything in to taking home the Ambassador crown and I cannot wait to make sure my hard work gives it the full attention it deserves.

So, with us taking our first steps into 2019, I would like to ask you to join in my #PlasticPledge to pick up 5 pieces of plastic each day. If 550 people are able to do this each day it will amount to 1 million piece of plastic waste in a year! 

There are lots of other ways to help the environment though; stop purchasing plastic bottled water and carry a reusable bottle instead - its free for you to refill in cafes and restaurants... (They are not allowed to charge for water any more)

Always Think Global, and Act Local. Be the change today that tomorrow needs.

Your Miss Voluptuous UK Ambassador 2018-19

Lauren xxx

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