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Love Island

Best I should start at the beginning - (Well, Not from birth do not want to bore you all to death...)

As a teenager I suffered low self esteem; and at times I found myself so low that I self harmed.

Lucky, through poetry I found a new release from being “different” to my peers.

In June 2014 I found myself entering pageants for a much needed confidence boost; my husband had entered my picture into a competition, and neither of us had anticipated that I would win 1st runner up in the photogenic competition and be invited to represent my little Island at Face of Europe and The World in Disneyland Paris just 4 months later. It was definitely the boost in confidence I had been seeking, and despite not placing, I didn't mind - I know that sounds silly, to enter a pageant and be happy even if you don't win, but pageants to me are a platform to get our causes, issues and charities out to the world.

To make friends that become more like sisters.

I have worked hard though the years with peer mentoring in middle and lower year groups of high school (years 6- 10 Secondary to you mainland UK folks) about how to open up how you are feeling about self esteem and personal issues.

From this I started my Campaign “My Body, My Mind, My Way” which shows that your body is yours and not to conform if you are happy in it.

'My Mind' is the links that negative body images and bullying has affect of your mind via mental health. And 'My Way' is being happy to say “No, I will wear what I want."

Although I still do work on this campaign it isn't my main focus as the good old red tape is in place to go into schools and teach body confidence to those that need it the most; it's something that I feel should be implemented into the school curriculum and should be taught as standard.

After taking a couple of months out, and having done some research, I came across a new system to the UK, Miss Voluptuous, with values that I thought very highly of - Promoting something that is inclusive to all, and not feeling like “I’ll be the biggest lady again”.

Being part of Class of 2017 was and is the best decision in my pageant journey so far. I had only ever meet these incredible ladies when I arrived. But within the first 20mins were hugs like we been friends for years. Hours later playing “the floor is lava” (if class of 2017 is reading you're out if on the floor !) that evening I spent my time pinning, gluing and sewing eco wear. The next day was getting very close in cutting and sewing dresses. I’m known as the ‘pageant mama’ even though I am one of the younger ones!

I was lucky enough to dance away with Best Application (shocked), Best in Fun Fashion, and my sisters voting me as Miss Congeniality 2017 (sorry, but this is the best title to hold... Period)

So, Back in January 2018 I channeled my effect to promoting something close to my heart “War on Plastic: affects on local environment” which is close to my heart as I live on the stunning Isle of Wight. I have set my self a 200 bag challenge to collect, you guessed it, 200 bags of rubbish within my community, of which to date 83 Bags have been cleaned up. And with more beach and marine way events coming, I aim to smash my target.

Looking forward to promoting not only mine but my sister queens platforms to the world.

Being Plastic Aware is the first step! Here are 3 Easy Ways to become a plastic Warrior like me:

  • Plastic Bottles- start you on an easy one (green level) start carrying a reusable bottle with you; even one that hold hot drinks! Some shops give discount for taking it in.

  • Plastic Straw- did you know that 500 million are used each day and thrown in the bin. You can do 2 easy things - 1st stop using them! You do not really need that straw. Think of the turtles. 2nd IF you do need them, then why not try the reusable long life straw you can purchase, carry around with you and save the planet with a sparkly metal, bamboo or silicon version?

Plastic Bag- another figure for you, average million bags are used every minute. Yep, every 60 sec, 1 million single use bags are used world wide. Getting into the habit of taking reusable bags grocery shopping will have the biggest impact of the war on plastic. Just by doing this millions of gallons of oil and water are saved...1 single use bottle= 3 ltr of water and 1 ltr oil. All the love,

Lauren XOXO

Share the message of body confidence #MyBody,MyMind,MyWay Spread the Love 

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