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Miss Voluptuous Pageants - An Empowerment Program

We are a global pageant empowerment program like no other, exclusively for women sized UK14+.

We bring together like-minded, inspirational women and encourage them to create and deliver community initiatives, charitable fundraisers and campaigns, and build self-esteem from within through our Sisterhood.

Not 'just a beauty pageant', our brand tagline is Empower, Elevate, Celebrate.

Empower - We empower plus size women across the world through our pageant program in a safe environment of fiercely supportive Sisterhood, by helping them to gain valuable and transferable life skills in interviewing, public speaking, personal presentation, branding, and through volunteering in the local and wider community.

Elevate – We elevate confidence and self-esteem through group activities, thus increasing opportunities for meaningful social connection, and in turn, the participants elevate each other, forming strong friendship bonds. Whilst technically a competitive environment, the women of the organisation are cheerleaders for their Sisters as much as for themselves.

Celebrate – In the Grand Final at the end of the program year, we celebrate the phenomenal women involved in a two-day event, where they take to the stage with newfound confidence and enjoy the spotlight moment they truly deserve.

At the end of this event, our Winners are crowned.

Ready to find your purpose? Apply now. Applications are open until November 30th!

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