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Miss Voluptuous

More than just a beauty pageant.

Miss Voluptuous Pageants

I am Natalie - the Director of Miss Voluptuous Pageants.

Miss Voluptuous was created with far more than aesthetic beauty in mind; I wanted to champion the inspirational women with powerful stories just looking for a platform on which to be heard.

The pageant is about giving voices to the voiceless; to have strong ambassadors of under-represented causes, and for fuelling the passion of our contestants to genuinely make a difference.

"I have too much to say to just stand and look pretty" - Tracie Gledhill, Miss Voluptuous Reigning Queen

In 2017, 23 beautiful women took to the Miss Voluptuous Stage and shared their platforms with the world. Survivors, campaigners, activists, warriors; I was moved to tears by the strength and passion of the women that made our Class of 2017.

When we opened the applications for 2018 I could never have imagined having contestants with equally astounding and inspirational stories; yet here we are. Our 2018 finalists have faced devastating depression, watched their children fight for their lives in intensive care and sustained life altering injuries. They have survived tragic accidents, lost loved ones and battled daily with physically challenging invisible illnesses. Over the coming months we will be sharing these stories with you in order to shine the light on each and every one of these awe inspiring women; but also to help to inspire and motivate you to find your passion too.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey.

Natalie Moloney


Miss Voluptuous Pageants

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