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Shannon - Shooting for the stars

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

I started my pageant journey in 2017, when I took part in my first pageant which was based in

Maidstone, Kent.

I was accepted may 2017 and the final was august 2017; so it was a rush to get outfits organised and to get appearances in before the date. As it was my first pageant, I didn’t feel confident or prepared at all and I near enough ran up and down the stage.

I didn’t place during that pageant, however watching the videos made me realise what I needed to change, and during my time with that system I made some great friends who are still supportive of

my journey.

As far as I knew it was the only plus size system available as I hadn’t found anything else until I saw an advertisement on Facebook for Miss Voluptuous 2017 . I applied and a few days later was accepted and added to the Facebook group where I got advice with outfits and appearances.

I travelled the country doing appearances such as curve fashion fest, watching other pageants and participating in photoshoots. I became very good friends with all of the girls taking part as it

was a small group so easy to get to know everyone, which made me feel a lot more comfortable

and confident to take part.

I was excited to meet my new friends; it was a 2 day competition so meeting and training on the first day, and rehearsals, interviews and pageant on the second. The coaching we received helped me so much and even though I did still rush on stage I felt a lot more confident and didn't rush anywhere near as much. I didn't place in the top 10, however watching the girls I’d gotten so close to place and win was so emotional and I was so happy for them!

I applied for Miss Voluptuous 2018, however due to university and moving to Cyprus to study, I had to defer for a year. I wanted to gain more experience before taking on Miss Voluptuous 2019, so i entered

another system which was a mainstream system to boost my confidence even more - this helped

massively and I was miss congeniality for that system which meant a lot to me because the other

girls had voted for me.

I’m now currently doing appearances for miss voluptuous 2019 and preparing my outfits! I'm most looking forward to seeing old friends and new ones I’ve made in the finalist group and spending a fun filled weekend with people I care about.

Hope to see you at finals!

Shannon x

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