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Smells like Queen Spirit

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

In 2015 I unexpectedly and accidentally found myself immersed in the pageant world as a contestant.

Having absolutely no knowledge of pageants at all, I began desperately googling pageant tips and tricks, youtubing endless videos and taking as many notes as I could possibly scrawl into a tiny book.

At a local event I met another girl competing in a big Teen system in the UK and despite being 10 years her senior, she well and truly took me under her wing and prepared me as best she could in the time given for what was to come.

Three years later, I have held two National Titles and represented the UK internationally twice in the Caribbean; however, I never felt that my first pageant experience was one that was representative of pageants as a whole, or that prepared me as a finalist to compete in another system.

With limited options for plus size women, as I was when I began my pageant journey, I decided to create a system that would offer an authentic pageant experience and focus on both platform and sisterhood; the two things I fell in love with in the pageant community.

I set up an interactive Facebook group to encourage the contestants to form friendships, but could never have anticipated the level of camaraderie that followed. The 2017 contestants as still a very tight knit group, and as such were able to support one of their fellow contestants through the tragic and sudden loss of her partner just weeks after the final.

I also ensure that my contestants are equipped with all the necessary tools to be able to pursue her dream title; even if it isn't Miss Voluptuous, because more important than business, is empowered and strong female role models to inspire the young women of tomorrow.

More importantly, I am honoured to be able to call the incredible women of 2017 and 2018 family.

Stay tuned for their stories!



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