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Taking the Reign

I had never considered applying for a pageant until I found Miss Voluptuous UK and I learnt

about this amazing platform based system. I applied because I wanted to support the

change of social perceptions of plus sized women and to prove that it doesn't matter what

size the label in your clothes says you are, you are beautiful and you can be fit and healthy


I am a fit and healthy size 18, I have been for my whole adult life, so why should I hide away

just because I am plus sized? I refuse to; I now embrace my figure because this is me! This

amazing system has empowered me and built my confidence so much so that I actually

wore a bikini for the first time ever during the finals!

I want to support change and prove that inclusivity can happen and is happening and it is

not bound by superficial misconceptions. Beauty is not skin deep, it’s from within. We are all beautiful in our own way and it doesn't matter what size or shape we are, we all bleed the same.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting and competing with some truly inspirational women who have become the most amazing friends, they work tirelessly for their platforms to help others - that’s why Miss Voluptuous is so special. We are all plus sized women trying to make a difference to someone’s life.

I’ve had to overcome huge obstacles in my life, but during my reign as Miss Voluptuous UK

2018/19 I want to help, support and inspire others who have dreams, to believe in

themselves and achieve their goals just like I have.

I am thankful to Natalie Moloney and her team for creating such a wonderful system where

inspirational women can shine...I am truly honoured to be Miss Voluptuous UK 2018/19.

Lots of love,


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