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Tess' Journey - A Round Up

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

What a busy couple of months it has been! Just thought I would tell you some of the main things I have been doing: I have met some of the other Miss Voluptuous contestants at a Charity Ball and spent a lovely evening getting to know them as well as raising money for the marvellous Coppafeel charity.

I talked at many business networking events about the Pageant and Lipoedema, attended a Fashion Show, went to he NEC for three days educating Healthcare Professionals about Lipoedema, attended a Charity Laughternoon Tea, spent 3 days helping at Lipoedema UK's Annual Conference, had a stall at a Mental Health Wellbeing Show, appeared on local radio and in the local newspaper, had my contribution to a book acknowledged and received a copy of the book and have even broken a World Record!!

I am currently sewing my eco round outfit – I can only sew by hand – and it has been some years since I have done any sewing. I have surprised myself by what I have achieved so far and actually have found the sewing theraputic. I am not so sure about the gemstone glueing to come though. Wish me luck!

To be fair, I would have done most of those things even without the pageant. I am very committed to raising awareness about Lipoedema and particularly in reference to late stage ladies like myself, who often get left behind in the scheme of things. My mobility is fading fast and I want to pack in as much as I can, while I can. I also enjoy supporting others with their charity endeavours – caring is sharing, right? The pageant has just made me more aware of what I am doing and why, has added some glamour (and a tad bit of stress about getting the outfits right lol) and new friends to my life!

So now we are only 33 days away from the Final – am I nervous? Yes. But I am also very excited and so looking forward to meeting the rest of the Finalists in Ely over the Final Weekend. Hope you, the reader, have a ticket and will be coming to meet us to on Sunday 30thSeptember!

Now, I need to get back to that Eco costume and my Pageant Book. Keep watching our activities via the website and Social Media channels - See you on the other side, Tess x

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