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What can pageant fashion learn from the Met Gala? - Anthi's Input

The Met Gala first took place in the year of 1948 and was known as ‘Party of the Year’, designed as as a fundraising event to obviously fund the museums growing needs. Rumour has it that an invitation at that time was about $500 but nowadays it will set you back a cool $30,000. 

For years it has been the most sought after fundraising event in fashion. But nowadays it’s renamed as the ‘Met Gala’ and year after year there is an enormous amount of designers, singers, models actors and any imaginative creature (pre-approved by Anna Wintour, of course) that provides an extravagant show as they ascend the stairs of New York's Metropolitan Museum. 

Now I'm sure you're wondering what all that has to do with us pageant girls? Well the truth is maybe nothing...or everything concerning inspiration for our fun fashion portion of competition and our time on stage.

Let's look at this year’s theme ‘Camp:Notes on fashion!’

I personally dare you to take pageantry notes on Kendal Jenner’s Versace dress:- a fiery orange feathered number or Lizzo’s Marc Jacobs dress and headpiece all in fuschia with white tones.

And not to forget Billie Porter’s grand entrance carried on a Litter in a gold outfit dressed as ‘Sun God’. Fit only for royalty like us...

And any palace can’t be without its luminous chandelier like Katie Perry in Moschino.

So have a look in the pic collage be inspired...but don’t lose your head like Jared Leto in Gucci!

Anthi G

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