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Our finalists have incredible opportunities in the lead up to finals, including modelling, public appearances, representing our incredible sponsors and appearing in the media! Not only that, but every finalist will receive;


Signature Navy and Metallic Gold Finalist Sash

Finalist Guide Book

Access to exclusive discounts from suppliers

Access to exclusive Contestant Resource Portal

Access to the Contestant Training Library

Access to exclusive Contestant Social and Support Forum

Empowerment and leadership workshops during Finals weekend

Invitations to exclusive Miss Voluptuous Pageants Events throughout the year

Exclusive travel opportunities, including to our Content Creation trips

Loan of an opening number outfit from our Sponsor Apples and Pears

Contestant gifts at registration 

Social Media Promotion during the free People's Choice competition

Title Requirements 

You may apply to compete for any of the titles listed provided that you meet one of the following criteria;

Heritage - If you have a Parent or Grandparent from one of the above, you may apply to represent that locality. Please note you will need to prove this.

Birth Place - if you were born in one of these locations, you may represent that locality. 

Resident - If you are a resident in one of these places (living, working or a student) you may apply to represent one of these places. If you are studying in the UK from abroad, you do not need to have permanent residency.

Dual Heritage - If you have dual heritage, ie parents or grandparents from more than one of the above locations, you may choose which title you wish to compete for.

***Please be sure to read the FAQs and Terms and Conditions before submitting your application***


Burning questions? Email Director@MissVoluptuousUK.co.uk or use the contact form below