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Following the Queen - Jennifer's journey

"Hi Everyone! Firstly Thank you to the gorgeous Miss V Ireland Queen Rhian Thompson for nominating me as a finalist of the week.

And so, to Introductions and a journey to the final! Hi! I'm Jennifer, 31 and from Glasgow. I work as a Senior Water Microbiology Technician for an Environmental Testing company. I am a bit of a nerd of everything, whether it be computer games, books or movies/TV.

My first glimpse into the world of pageantry was Miss Congeniality. 😄 It wasn't till i accompanied my sister Kelly to her very first pageant with Miss V to Ely and I saw all the awesome girls around. Everyone so welcoming, even though i wasn't part of the sisterhood as yet, were still so very kind and inclusive. From then I wanted to get to join the sisterhood and get to know all of the gorgeous, strong, confident and hard-working ladies and to feel the support.

It wasn't till my sister won and I saw what this wonderful system done for her that i thought I'd give it a try to develop my confidence and self-esteem, something i was (and partially still am) lacking. I also wanted for this reason for my platform to be mental health, as mental health can arise in so many different ways and causes, and how to deal with this. I am personally touched as well as my family by mental health issues, and should be talked about regularly to reduce the stigma so that hopefully someone would not suffer so much that it would irreversably change their own and families lives.

To say that 2020 was and still is a bit of a challenge (for everyone) would be an understatement! Trying to put the grey jelly-like matter between my ears into gear both mentally and physically in these challenging times was a magic trick in itself but the support of the ladies has been fantastic.

I have learned along the way that I need to ask for help sometimes. It can get overwhelming and sometimes you need a helping hand/word/facetime from others to see the good you can do. As well as a helping hug and walk coaching from Kelly that made me laugh. 😄

I have also learned despite very insistent thoughts that I. CAN. DO. THIS. My brain can be my enemy most of the time, but I am capable, I am gorgeous, and I am FIERCE.

Lots of love! <3 "

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