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Down...but not out

Updated: Aug 18, 2018

June 2015 - A life changing injury

"You need more surgery Mrs Garrett the pins and rods have slipped in you lower spine," said the doctor.

5 days later I was in having surgery - and I had a lot of time to think. I thought of all the things I'd been given over the year and the brutal facts were that I would not be the person I am today if I hadn't of received the help and support that I had. I worked hard to get back on my feet but all along knew that I was going to return that help and support that I had received over the years.


My sister in law was telling me about a plus size pageant her friend was entering so I thought 'I'd love to do that I could raise money for charity and meet some wonderful people along the way'. So I entered.

My first pageant journey was nothing like I expected it to be - I was left feeling upset and lost but most of all I hadn't made a difference to a charity at all; I didn't need a platform to enter so my perspective of what pageants were about left me disheartened. I vowed I would never enter another pageant because there were very different from what I thought they were.

Fast forward a couple of months and I was told about Miss Voluptuous and that it was a platform based pageant. This could be what real pageants are about I thought, could I change my perceptions of the way I viewed pageants; well there is only one way to find out - phone and talk to the Director.

I had a lovely chat with Natalie who reassured me that my charity would be one of the most important factors in my pageant journey. So I contacted Spinal Research UK and told them that I was thinking of entering; they were wonderful and encouraged me know end.

I filled my application form in and sent it off in the hope I was one of the lucky ones to be accepted as a finalist.

In the mean time I had applied for my spinal research charity pack and started working out what I was going to do should I get accepted.

Fast forward at couple of weeks and I was so happy to receive my letter explaining I had been chosen as a finalist - I now get the chance to do what I have wanted to do for some time and raise money for my platform, promote Miss Voluptuous and enjoy my journey I have made friends with the other ladies.

My journey is a very personal one, to raise money for my platform is a wonderful feeling. Miss Voluptuous is an amazing system that makes you feel a million dollars, after everything I've been through I can honestly say I have never felt better. On the odd occasion I drift off to my dream land and envision that I do enough to win the title; I picture Myself promoting my platform on another level and maybe making a difference to someone else's life. I picture myself being the incredibly lucky person to go to Ireland and crown Miss Voluptuous Ireland, I picture myself promoting Miss Voluptuous so it's the biggest and best plus size pageant in the UK but I swiftly come back to earth with a bump and realise that I'm up against some of the most toughest beautiful strong woman that god gave a heartbeat and in that moment I know that I have to shine I have to stand out from the rest -

the only way I can do that is hard work and dedication.

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