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Plastic Fantastic

Well, I honestly cannot believe it. Several days since finals and I'm still on cloud 9!

I can say I have worked hard for the last year, putting my whole heart into my platform, plastic awareness and affects on local community. 

If you managed to see me being crowned and awarded the Ambassador title you will see how much this title means to me; not only the fact that I will be able to continue doing what I am and inspiring you all about living with less plastic, but I will be a role model, that others will be looking up to. 

So, my Miss Voluptuous journey started at the end of April 2017. I have since then been working hard tirelessly promoting tips and tricks for being a plastic warrior. with 2017 finals I placed top 10, the best I have ever done in pageantry. Not letting this defer me I applied 2 days after and was accepted back again. Since last finals I completed over 100 appearances and travelled 2172 miles, mostly on public transport.  With permission, changing my platform and refining all the information, making a website and an app.  When it came time to give awards out, all I was hoping to do was make a difference and change the thought process of purchasing with class of 2018. But my name was called few times. Class of 2018 voted for me to be for the 2nd year in a row Miss Congeniality, I won Miss Eco- with the link so much to my platform I was so happy to win. I also scooped Miss Publicity, which I worked hard for, with the majority of my appearances linked back to either my platform or to the LGBTQ+ Community where I am a Volunteer manager for the IW Pride.  Then our director Natalie was reading out what the Miss Voluptuous UK Ambassador title is about, I was looking at 2 sisters who I thought would take this title home. But my name was called instant tears (yes there was probably ugly crying... but totally acceptable when it means so much!)

From here i thought yes, I have done it, but then top 5 called me as the last person; I paused looking really shocked thinking 'Really!? Me?'  4th runner called, 3rd, 2nd then just my self and Katie holding hands and shes saying 'You won, well done'... My reply was 'no your recovery was amazing, you are the new Queen!'

When I was called 1st runner up. I instantly hugged and congratulated Katie.  I am looking forward for my reign in the year ahead and many road trips, and giggles with Katie. x 

For now I am Lauren Sexton, Your Miss Voluptuous UK Ambassador 2018/19 

Sleeping Beauty

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